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I am waiting to be CRB checked by the National Archive in lovely Kew and then I start as a volunteer on a really interesting project – cataloguing late Georgian / early Victorian petitions for clemency. Basically criminals begging the king / Queen for forgiveness of crimes they had committed. Am a bit worried that it may get a bit depressing? But am definatly going to go into it with a sense of HUMOUR – do you think the National Archive will appreciate this? So, so excited to start this project. It will be a welcome break from cataloguing the Wembley History Societies kind donation of photographs at Brent Archives. Seriously, it mainly consists of black and white shots of tower blocks being built in Wembley in the 1970s. It hurts my eyes sometimes. I love you Brent Archives but I cannot wait until the Wembley History Society project is over!!


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  1. Brent Archives
    Oct 04, 2010 @ 15:58:58

    It may have been tedious, but Holly’s contribution to our image digitisation project has been much appreciated. As part of our active volunteer programme (including award-winning volunteers!), she has been scanning images from the Wembley History Society collection and others, for inclusion in our online image catalogue.

    The collection itself is one of Brent’s largest single non-Council collections, and is a rich resource for researchers interested in the north of the borough, as well as the British Empire Exhibition, held at Wembley in 1924-1925. It is a cataloguing priority, and we hope that a full ISAD(G) compliant listing of the whole collection will be made available via our online catalogue by the end of 2011. Visit the Brent Archives website in the new year to find out more, or contact us for more information about the collection.


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