The National Archives

Finally I was invited to start my training at The National Archives after my CRB security check came back with the all clear. I went in on Monday for a basic security and IT training and really began to get excited about my next step in archive volunteer work. It probably wasn’t the basic training lecture that got me all excited to be honest but just getting up in the morning, leaving the house, getting on the train and arriving at the beautiful Kew Gardens was enough to make the whole  journey worth it. What a beautiful part of London – if I won the lottery tomorrow I would probably buy a house in the pretty little streets that lead up to the National Archives and I am very much looking forward to visiting the area on a weekly basis.

Another part of the day that really inspired me was spending some time in the actual National Archives building. It was so huge and had a strange feeling to it. A building that is filled more with paper than people perhaps, or maybe because it was a Monday and the building isn’t open to the public. Everybody I did meet, from the security to the head of the project that I will be working on, were really friendly and helpful and now I am just really excited to get started on cataloguing the petitions for clemency. I begin next Wednesday and I am sure I’ll keep you all posted!

The sheer scale of the building and the project that I will be working on is just so much bigger than anything I have done before so that really got me thinking that all the volunteer work I have done in the past is NOT pointless because it is generally leading onto BIGGER things.

All wish me luck for next Wednesday – I can’t wait to get my official National Archives photo ID and to use my discount in the bookshop!


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