Bayswater, Lisson Grove and Fish and Chips

When I think of Lisson Grove I think of fish and chips. It is slightly shameful that I have lived in London for most of my life and I have only ever had fish and chips in Lisson Grove once but memorable they certainly were and I do keep meaning to go back and have some more. Anyway if you are ever in the Marylebone area head down to The Seashell and spoil yourself

One thing I DON’T think of when I think of Lisson Grove is highway robbery but in October 1827 eighteen year old James Haynes was sentenced to death for robbing Richard Harrison of 28 Charles Street, Lisson Grove with Elijah Barlow and James Wheeler.  After all meeting in The Swan pub in Bayswater, which is still there and apparently does good food and isn’t too touristy, they proceeded to have a few drinks and eventually all left together beginning the walk home. The petition says that  they approached an area called Harpers Fields but after searching for this area it seems to be well and truly gone I have found a map from 1830 however of the Marylebone area and there seems to be a lot of open space around the Paddington / Edgware Road area so possibly this was an open area around here? I really wanted to post a picture of the map but I’m not allowed because of security reasons so that is a shame but fair enough I suppose. On entering Harpers Fields, James Haynes and Elijah Barlow say goodbye to James Wheeler and then a few minutes later claim to hear somebody shouting thief. After searching for a while for somebody they gave up and proceeded home where in the morning they were arrested for highway robbery.

I believe that James Haynes and Elijah Barlow were innocent for a couple of reasons. Firstly the prosecutor, Richard Harrison believes they are innocent and even signs this petition. He also claims to have not seen them at the incident and can only identify James Wheeler. Secondly James Wheeler’s main witness has a previous conviction for receiving bribes and is the ONLY witness that claims three men and not just one were at the scene of the crime. Make of it what you will but certainly more to think of than just fish and chips! I know where I will be this weekend yum, yum, yum, yum. 


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